Age: 64


Married to Jill Tracy.They have one
daughter, Ashley, He has two sons by previous marriage, Beau and
Hunter, His previous wife, Neilia Hunter, and a daughter, Naomi, were
killed in a car accident in 1972.


BA history, political science, University of Delaware, 1965, and
Syracuse University College of Law, 1968


Attorney, private practice, 1968-1972.

Delaware’s longest-serving Senator, 1972-present

Chairs U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and serves on U.S.
Senate Committee on the Judiciary


“The next Democratic leader, and this is
what the presidential election is all about, has to challenge the
American people, tell them the truth, and trust them.”

Key Issues

Iraq War: Biden says the conflict in Iraq cannot be
completely solved by military force alone. He has proposed legislation
supporting the creation of an Iraq with separate regions for Sunnis,
Shiites and Kurds.

Afghanistan: Biden wants to send more troops to
Afghanistan to combat the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

Energy: Biden wants to increase fuel efficiency and
increase uses of renewable energy resources.

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