Age: 63


Married to Jackie Clegg Dodd
(previously married to Susan Mooney); two daughters, Grace and


BA in English Literature, Providence College, 1966

JD, University of Louisville, 1972


Peace Corps. (1966)

U.S. Army Reserves/ National Guard

House of Representatives, Connecticut, 1974- 1980

Senator from Connecticut, 1980-present


“The idea that George Bush — someone
who’s never had to worry about health care himself –would take health
insurance away from thousands of children shows how little he
understands and sympathizes with what working families face every day.
While he reportedly plans to call for up to $200 billion to continue a
war that his top general can’t even say is making the country safer,
George Bush is rejecting the idea that we would spend less than one
third of that amount for the health of America’s children.”

Key Issues

Iraq War: Dodd proposes to bring the troops home over
a 12- to 18-month time frame. In Iraq, he wants to see better
recruitment and training of Iraqi civilians and soldiers. Dodd
originally voted for the United States to use military force in Iraq.
He now says he made that vote based on incorrect information given to
the Senate. He recently voted for a war spending bill that would
bring the troops home by Spring 2008. Dodd has criticized other
Democrats for not speaking out enough against the war.

Energy: Dodd is a strong supporter of the environment
and wants to bring energy costs down for families and businesses,
while reducing the emissions that cause global warming. He wants to
entirely eliminate U.S. dependence on oil from the Middle East by
2015. Dodd wants to enact a Corporate Carbon tax that will penalize
businesses that pollute and to raise fuel efficiency standards.

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