Age: 54


Married to Elizabeth (Anania), Three
children: Catherine, 25; Claire, 9; and Jack, 7. A son, Wade, died in


BS, North Carolina State University, 1974; JD, University of North


Associate, then partner, Tharrington, Smith & Hargrove law firm,

Partner, Edwards & Kirby, Raleigh, 1993-1998

Democratic US Senator, North Carolina, 1998-2004

Democratic vice-presidential candidate, 2004

co-founder Wade Edwards Foundation


“I carry the promise of America in my
heart, where my parents placed it. Because of them, I believe in
people, hard work and the American Dream. I believe the future belongs
to us if we only dare to seize it. And I believe to seize it, we must
blaze a new path, firmly grounded in the values that first made
America great. We must cast aside the established ways of Washington
and replace them with the timeless values of the American people. We
must end the game controlled by a privileged few and restore the
promise that America owes to us all.”

Key Issues

Iraq War: Edwards opposed the surge and supports
bringing home 40,000 to 50,000 combat troops immediately. After this
initial step, he believes that the U.S. should take more measures to
leave Iraq, including peace talks with surrounding countries and
intensifying efforts to train Iraqi security forces.

Healthcare: The Edward’s plan aims to provide
universal coverage by requiring employers to finance their employees,
creating new tax credits, expanding Medicaid, reforming insurance laws
and creating new “regional healthcare markets.”

Environment: The Edwards plan for the environment
makes an effort to halt global warming by capping green house gas
emissions starting in 2010, establishing a new worldwide climate
treaty and creating a New Energy Economy Fund by auctioning off $10
billion in greenhouse pollution permits and removing subsidies for oil

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