Age: 60


Married to Barbara Richardson; no children.


BA Tufts University, 1970; MA Tufts University Fletcher School of Law
and Diplomacy, 1971


Staff, United States Department of State, 1973-1975

Staff, United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 1975-1978

Richardson Trade Group, 1978-1982

US House of Representatives, 1983-1997

United States Ambassador to the United Nations, 1997-1998

Secretary, US Department of Energy, 1998-2001

Governor of New Mexico, elected in 2002, re-elected in 2006


“My Catholic beliefs reinforce my
commitment to social justice like a fair minimum wage, equal and civil
rights for all and a belief that government exists to help people and
to be a catalyst for change — not get in the way with barriers,
unnecessary regulations and bureaucracy.”

Key Issues

Education: As governor of New Mexico, Richardson says
he has raised teacher salaries and benefits. As president, he says he
wants to continue this route as a so-called “champion of quality
education” and end the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

Immigration: He would allow immigrants who can speak
English to complete a citizenship test and background check to become
legal, and he opposes the construction of a fence along the Mexican

Iraq War: Richardson says this about the war in Iraq:
“end it.” He wants to get troops out of Iraq and redeploy them to
Afghanistan “and other locations,” he says, “where they can fight
actual threats to America.”

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