Age: 51


Married to Mary (Stauffer) Brownback;
children, Abby, 21; Andy, 19; Elizabeth, 17; Mark, 10; Jenna, 9


Kansas State University, BS, 1979;
University of Kansas, JD, 1982





US representative, Kansas, 1995-96

US senator, Kansas, 1996-present


“I am running to rebuild the family and renew the culture. That is why
I am in this race. These are the core issues I have worked on in the
U.S. Senate; it’s what I have worked on in the House. At the core, we
have got to rebuild the basic institutions in this society. Those are
things I am pushing aggressively.”

Key Issues

Immigration: Brownback believes the United States
needs to secure the country’s borders. He considers it to be his top
priority, and says on his website, “Our Southern border is porous and
must be secured.” Brownback has voted to double the number of border
patrol agents over the next five years.

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