Age: 61


Married to Jackie Tancredo, retired teacher; two children, Ray and Randy


BA, Political Science, University of Northern Colorado, 1968


Teacher, Drake Junior High School, 1968 – 1981

Colorado State Legislature, 1976-1981

Regional Representative, U.S. Department of Education 1981-1992

Director, Independence Institute, 1993-1998

U.S. Representative from Colorado, 1999-present


“I am considering this campaign because of my commitment to real
immigration reform: reform that first and foremost is dedicated to the
security and well-being of the citizens of the United States, and to
respect for the rule of law in our beloved nation.”

Key Issues

Immigration: Tancredo has always been staunchly
against illegal immigration, and it remains his primary issue in his
presidential campaign. He has consistently opposed amnesty for illegal
immigrants and says that legal and illegal immigration threatens
American culture. He says he will solve the problem by eliminating
benefits and job prospects for illegal immigrant workers.

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