Age: 64


Married to: media consultant Jeri Khen (second marriage). Thompson
has had five children: Tony, Daniel, Hayden, Betsy (died 2002), and


BA from the University of Memphis,
with a double major in philosophy and political-science. JD degree
from Vanderbilt University.



Minority counsel to the U.S. Senate, Watergate hearings

U.S. Senator, 1994 – 2002

Actor, Law and Order


“Centralized government is not the
solution to all of our problems — with too much power — such
centralization has a way of compounding our problems.”

Key Issues

National Security: Thompson looks to pursue more
aggressive policies in terms of hunting down terrorists and defending
against them. He supports a missile defense system capable of
defending our country against enemy attacks.

Education: Thompson believes in giving money back to
the states for education. He says state officials can best determine
how to spend education funds. Thompson also supports updating school
technology facilities and granting scholarships in science, math and
technology to promote learning in these areas.

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