obama_kid.jpgBy Phil
12/30/07 — Senator Barack Obama likes to talk about a
cap on greenhouse gases and finding alternatives to crude oil, but he
rarely speaks about his stance on using and developing nuclear
energy–especially on the stump.  However, the conversation took
an atomic turn at Newton Senior High School in Iowa this
afternoon.  Obama gave his usual speech about unifying America
under one color, and promoting transparency in government.  But
the Democratic Senator was caught during the post-speech question and
answer segment by a young woman who wanted to know more about his
position on nuclear energy; an issue that hits close to home for many
Iowans who live in a state where nuclear power accounts for more than
10% of the total energy produced.  Obama responded by
re-emphasizing a need to develop existing forms of cleaner energy, and
went on to say that he does not have a problem with the safety of
using nuclear reactors in the United States.  In what seemed like
a continuation of his “hold everyone accountable” theme, Obama went on
to say that the managers of nuclear plants need to share information
about their operations and potential hazards with surrounding
communities.  Possibly sensing some continued indifference in his
questioner he added that other forms of alternative energy like
cleaner burning coal and wind power would take a higher priority than
nuclear power under his administration.

-Phil Milnarik