By Elyce Taylor

12/30/07 — Right
now in Iowa Democratic candidate Bill Richardson isn’t in the top
three, but he’s confident he can get there by Thursday. Today he
reached out to two major constituency groups– veterans and educators.
At the Des Moines Veterans Home, Richardson spoke eloquently and
compassionately to the small crowd. He emphasized that he is the only
candidate promising to set aside money for a veterans budget.
Richardson also said that if elected he would give every veteran a
Heroes’ Health Card that would guarantee them health care in places
other than VA hospitals. 

Later in the afternoon
at the Des Moines People’s Court Richardson received a roaring
applause when he told the audience that he planned to raise the
minimum salary for teachers to $40,000. No matter what the issue,
though, Richardson made sure to point out that his political
experience is his strength.

I’m not sure if this man dressed
unassumingly in khakis and a red turtleneck has enough backing to make
it to the White House, but his “I’m the top dog without a pedigree”
approach to his campaign is refreshing and seemingly sincere.
Richardson’s story about how he would want to be remembered if elected
President is particularly moving. 

Iowans have been known to decide at the last minute.
Could the New Mexico Governor snag a top three spot? Stay

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