Elyce Taylor
12/31/07 — Republican candidate Mike Huckabee hasn’t
yet locked down a victory at the Iowa caucus. But he says he’s
sleeping with peace in his heart. Tonight the former Arkansas governor
held a New Year’s Eve party at the Wakonda Country Club in Des Moines.
It was there that he told his supporters why he didn’t air the
negative ad attacking Mitt Romney. Earlier in the day, Huckabee
had told a group of journalists he was not going to air the ad. Then,
he turned around and showed it to them.

tonight’s party Huckabee said he believes Americans are tired of
voting for someone who is the lesser of two evils and are sick of
political bashing. Huckabee did add, though, that airing the ad
probably would have been justified because he has been attacked
and because he wants to defend his record.

Last Friday Romney aired his third television ad attacking
Huckabee. The ad says Huckabee is “soft on government spending” and
had raised the Arkanas state budget by $10 billion dollars while he
was governor. The New York Times, however, reports that the Arkansas
Department of Finance and Administration has statistics proving this
claim to be false.
Tonight Huckabee said pulling the ad is a major decision, a
decision he hopes will be the start of a new attitude toward the
American political system. Political cynics may wonder if Huckabee is
being genuine or if this is a deliberate political move to bring in
new voters. What we do know is that Americans won’t be seeing negative
ads from Huckabee in 2008…at least for now.