By Angela Campion 12/30/07 — John Edwards had
fighting words for voters in Boone, Iowa. And they had to do with
Soundbite: John Edwards/ Former Senator (D) North Carolina
“They have an iron-fisted grip over your democracy, and nothing will
change until we take that grip off your democracy.”

He urged the crowd to join him in his fight to change the country.
Soundbite: John Edwards/ Former Senator (D) North Carolina
“The system is broken. I also I hear people say that you would sit at
a table with the stakeholders, that’s what they call them, the
stakeholders, the insurance companies, the drug companies, the oil
companies. That you can sit at the tables with these people, negotiate
with them, and they’ll voluntarily give their power away. That is a
complete fantasy. You can’t nice these people to death. They will
never give their power away. The only way we are going to get their
power away is we’re going to have to take their power away from them.
(crowd cheers)”

He blames corporate greed for destroying the nation.
Soundbite: John Edwards/ Former Senator (D) North Carolina
“Are we really going to let this corporate power and corporate greed
spoil the middle class in this country. Are we really going to let
all the struggles and sacrifice of those who went before us go for
nothing? Or are we going to stand up? Or are we going to show some
fight and some backbone?”

Edwards is promising to break what he believes is the hold lobbyists
have on healthcare.
Soundbite: John Edwards/ Former Senator (D) North Carolina
“We have serious challenges to overcome as a nation. Because if you
look at what’s happening in America today, it’s very easy to identify
why we don’t have the changes we need. Why don’t we have universal
health care? We don’t have universal healthcare because the drug
companies, insurance companies, and their lobbyists in Washington, DC.
Why do we have that mess of a Medicare prescription drug law? We have
it because the drug company lobbyists literally wrote the thing. I
don’t have to guess about this, because I was there.”

The former South Carolina senator left the crowd with his plan with
running the White House.
Soundbite: John Edwards/ Former Senator (D) North Carolina
“I’m not talking about going to Washington as president and fighting
with politicians. Nobody’s interested in seeing a bunch of politicians
fight. But I will be clear about something- I want to be absolutely
clear, the corporate greed that is destroying the middle class in this
country, and is stealing your children’s future , it is stealing the
future of Democrats’ children, Independents’ children, Republicans’
children. I’m telling you this is a message and a cause that we can
unite America around. We can unite it next fall in the election, and
we can unite America and bring about this change that we need.”

In Boone, Iowa, Angela Campion, WEBN News.