jill_biden2.jpgBy Andy Laub 12/30/07 — With
just four days to go until the Iowa presidential caucus Joe Biden and
family were invited to dine in South Des Moines.  Only one
problem, Joe didn’t show.

Instead taking his place, Dr.
Jill Biden, Senator Joe Biden’s wife, filled in by answering questions
and dining with supporters and caucus goers from all over Iowa and the

While Senator Biden continues to be considered a
second tier candidate his wife, along with supporters, believe a
surprise is underway in Iowa.

“In the state of Iowa money
doesn’t really matter,” Dr. Jill Biden said.  Out of the eight
leading Democratic candidates Senator Biden ranks fifth in amount
spent with $2.6 million.  However, supporters argue that his
relatively low campaign spending will not affect what happens January

After all Jimmy Carter won the Iowa state caucus in
1976, only spending $76,000, which in 2007 is equivalent to a
candidate spending just under $400,000.
Biden’s strongest issue among supporters appears to be his foreign
policy resume.

Richard Schiff, actor from the West Wing,
stated just before leaving the dinner party that “I think there is no
one else out there who has spent the last 35 years in service
developing the relationships he has around the world.”

“There is no reason to fear that his long term experience is going
to hurt him at all,” Laurie Soroka, the evening’s dinner party host
said.  “It’s actually going to help him.”

supporters like Soroka and Schiff praise Senator Biden’s foreign
policy history, many critics believe that his vote initially for the
Iraq war and previous foreign policy decisions may hurt Senator
Biden’s chance at a democratic nomination.

However, Senator
Biden’s focus on areas like Pakistan, in light of former Prime
Minister Benazir Bhutto’s recent assassination on the 27th breathe
more standing into Senator Biden’s foreign policy resume.

“For the past several months Joe has been in contact with Mrs.
Bhutto and sent a letter to Musharraf asking for more protection for
her,” Dr. Jill Biden said.

Before the dinner party guests
said their last farewells for the evening Dr. Jill Biden laid out the
game plan for the last four days leading up to the caucus.

“We are just hitting the road running.”

With their work
cut out for them the entire Biden family has spread itself across Iowa
state hoping to break through to the top tier by the caucus’s
conclusion on January 3rd.

And with enthusiastic supporters
like Soroka, Schiff and many more; while the chance for a breakthrough
is low, the hope remains high.

Who knows if Iowa and the
rest of the nation will get the “surprise” Biden supporters are
looking for come the final caucus results?