By Phil Milnarik 1/01/08 — Senator Joe Biden is the candidate
of action. That’s what he told over 500 people this afternoon at the
Raccoon River Brewing Company in Des Moines. The crowd sat next to
bar stools and towering beer tanks. There was a sense of excitement
in the air while Biden told them why he should be elected President of
the United States.

The senator from Delaware emphasized that he’s the candidate who will
take action. He downplayed the importance of popular campaign slogans
like experience and change. Biden said he embodies those qualities,
but will also bring something more important to the oval
office–action. He says he’s the candidate who will make tough
decisions in Washington and get important laws passed.

Biden urged the audience to caucus on Thursday and stand up for what’s
right. He told potential voters that when Biden supporters see each
other standing up on Thursday that courage levels will build. The
more people who stand up, the more support snowballs, and the better
chance Biden says he has at securing the Democratic Nomination.