John_Edwards_United_Steelworkers.jpgBy Phil Milnarik

1/1/08 –Presidential candidate John Edwards voiced his support for
United Steelworkers at the local 164 in Des Moines Tuesday night.
It’s part of his 36-hour marathon for the middle class. This is
something that’s been a huge staple in Edwards’ campaign to restore
power to working men and women. He wants to strengthen the middle
class by taking out the knees of abusive lenders and special interest
groups in Washington. Steel Workers turned out from all areas of the
country from local Des Moines to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to show
support for their middle class champion.

[Video credit: Phil Milnarik]

Standing on a table in the middle of the 164, Edwards promised tax
cuts for the middle class and vowed to stand up against corporate
greed. Click
to listen to the full speech. Just minutes after Edwards
made an explosive entrance into a room full of energetic steel workers
and undecided voters, he left through the rear doors of the 164; off
to his next stop on the road to winning the Iowa Caucus.

[Photo credit: Elyce Taylor]