By Angela Campion

It’s the first day of the new year. Hello 2008! Usually,
New Year’s Day involves sleeping in and maybe attending a
family party. How did I spend the first day of the year? I spent it
with Barack Obama, Mike Huckabee and Chuck Norris. Yes, Chuck
Norris….Walker Texas Ranger himself!

Obama was stumping at a nearby high school in Des
Moines. It was a great test for me to practice my camera skills.
The gymnasium was quickly packed with Obama fans of
every age, and the occasional undecided voter showed up as well.
We set up on the risers, next to members
of both national and international media. A kind face
plopped herself beside me, where I proceeded to make small
talk. She turned out to be a member of the German media. She
was with her husband and has been covering the election

She asked for my opinion about American
politics as well as the candidates. I tried to retain my
objectivity as a journalist, I couldn’t point out my favorite
candidate. It was either that, or I just didn’t have an
opinion. In all honesty, I find politics to be a world
of actors. It seems to be a world of
dishonest candidates who put on convenient facades in
order to gain voters. Let’s face it, it’s becoming more
difficult for voters, let alone young voters, to make up their
minds, especially when the politicians are still having
trouble making up their own. It’s hard to choose
the perfect person to preside over the free world. As a
young adult, I believe this is the reason why there is
such a poor turnout among young voters. We have a hard
time choosing the best person. Either that, or we just
don’t care.