By Andrea Medeiros

[Video credit: Josh

Senator John Edwards is calling for change… and he’s going to the
extreme.  The senator isn’t sleeping for thirty-six hours…
except for cat naps on the Road.  He’s literally stopping at
someone’s house at two fifteen in the morning.  The senator’s
traveling across Iowa to talk to thousands of caucus goers.  His
campaign is called “Marathon for the Middle Class.”  In the final
days before the caucuses, the senator is stepping up his game.

[Video credit: Josh Miller]

Senator Edwards is speaking out in Ames, Iowa. And residents seem excited to hear his ideas on change.

[Video credit: Josh Miller]But some Iowa residents are still unsure whom they’ll support.

[Video credit: Josh Miller]
However, most Iowa residents know which issues matter to them.

[Video credit: Josh
Miller]The Edwards campaign has launched an “Ask John”
program online. Voters from across Iowa can submit questions on
the site. And they will be answered before Thursday’s

A full video report to come…