By Angela Campion

I woke up this morning to the ding of a text message on my cell
phone. My mother had just watched the “Today” show, and was shocked to
see me standing next to Mike Huckabee. Standing in front of the
NBC station turned out to be a bigger deal than
I originally had thought. There I was patiently listening for a
good soundbite with my outstretched arm, holding a mic in his face.
What an interesting way to make my first appearance on network

I was assigned to cover Senator Joseph Biden for the day. He
was speaking at a local library in Ames, Iowa. The room was
uncomfortably packed, but Biden’s gestures and comments seemed to calm
the crowd. The Delaware Senator specifically emphasized his experience
with foreign nations, something his supporters believe is an issue
that sets him apart from the rest. He talked about the recent
assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benizir Bhutto. He
told an anecdote about a time he got a phone call from a leader in
trouble. Bhutto, whom he called an “old friend,” turned out to be the
person on the other end of the line. Biden fans seem to think the
candidate has the most experience, especially when it comes to foreign

Joe Biden’s amiable charisma and easy manner,
combined with his urgency for media attention, makes him the
easiest of the candidates to approach. He tends to play the cards well
when it comes to media relations. He makes jokes with reporters and
empathizes with them. The media doesn’t seem to give him the time
of day. Maybe it’s because he’s an older candidate. Instead, younger
candidates have been getting ample face time. According to Biden, it’s
because they make politics “sexy.” He says he plans to make it sexy,
too, but he never said how.

When the clock struck twelve and the new year was born, there
were no celebrations. In fact, we didn’t see the ball drop, and I
believe I wished everyone a Happy New Year 4 minutes ahead of
schedule. We were all deliriously multi-tasking several projects, and
had no time to celebrate. Welcome to the wonderful world of
journalism, where the news will NEVER STOP, especially for you.
Happy New Year everyone!