2/5/08 — Hillary
Clinton won the Massachusetts primary Tuesday night, according to
Associated Press projections based on exit polling.


With 31 percent of the precincts in the state
reporting by 9:45 p.m., Clinton had 58 percent of the vote to Obama’s
38 percent.


Despite Sen. Obama’s high-profile endorsements – from
Gov. Deval Patrick and both Massachusetts Sens. Ted Kennedy John Kerry
— Clinton claimed victory in the Bay State.


Much of her success was attributed to the
rank-and-file Massachusetts politicians that put out an extensive get
out the vote effort on her behalf, the Associated Press


Exit polling revealed that Sen. Clinton led among
women as well as lower income and older voters.


Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt
Romney rode support for his immigration and economic policies to
win the Republican primary, according to AP exit


— Katelyn
Harding, Valeria Villarroel and Adam