greeters2.jpgBy Kailani


It was very clear the moment I stepped off the plane
into my gate that I was in the city hosting the 2008’s Democratic National

There were greeters in bright orange outfits
waving signs, handing
out maps, and providing all kinds of information about Denver. The
airport was swamped
with delegates, journalists, politicians, and political junkies, all hoping to
come here and be a part of something big.

It’s a little overwhelming looking at lists of all the
events happening in Denver
this week (and those don’t even include the hush-hush VIP ones). You
name it, it’s happening here.

In addition to the speeches and votes inside the
Pepsi Center,
all week there are countless caucuses, meetings, roundtables, speeches,
protests, and exhibits around Denver. Deciding
where to be and when is almost a daunting task.

is a gorgeous city. It’s extremely clean and the people are very friendly and
helpful. If we have needed a cab or directions, people have been more
than willing to go out of their way and point us in the right way.

There has been an invasion into Denver. People
are everywhere. You
can’t walk downtown without seeing countless journalists, cameramen,
photographers, pundits, and political enthusiasts also walking down the
street. There are so many characters. Some have
outrageous home-made outfits supporting Obama, others wave signs saying
“No-Bama,” and the locals seem to be watching in awe.

This one event has completely and totally consumed
every aspect of the city from the businesses to the restaurants to the
traffic to the media. I don’t think most Americans realize how much is
actually happening on these streets. Today a local woman volunteer told me
that this is the biggest event that has ever hit Denver. After
what I have
seen I believe her in a heartbeat.