Kailani Koenig-Muenster
I have many jobs here in Denver for WEBN.  I feed
information to our website, gather footage for the WEBN Democratic
Convention special, and report for a few radio stations.
My interest in radio got off the ground when I interned
this summer at a newsradio station in my hometown of Seattle. This
experience gave me a fascination for how guests and pundits are booked
and interviewed.
So I’m used to being one
of the reporters who finds the interviewees, but this time I was on
the other side. Monday evening I contributed a live report for “The
Andrea Shea King Show” based in Florida.  A few minutes before I
was to go on air Andrea Shea-King called me to outline what would
happen. After the fancy intro and a little background, she went
straight to me and I was on the air. Reporting live gives you a
certain rush, regardless of who or where you are. 
The main focus of the interview was about the PUMA
Hillary Clinton supporters. But technology got in the way. I was
calling from a cell phone, and service in Denver has always been a
little sporadic. So at one point during the interview my connection
was lost. Thankfully I was able to call back in and get on the air. It
just gave me a taste of the technicalities that radio hosts face every
But this wasn’t the only radio
interview I did yesterday. A reporter from the Youth Radio Network
approached me at the Colorado Convention Center after the Youth
Caucus.  He asked me many questions about what it was like to be
reporting about the convention as a student journalist, and what I
thought the chances were that my fellow “millennials” would cast a
ballot this fall.
We’re trying to cover all
forms of media at this convention, from television to print to web,
and now we’ve got radio under our belt.

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