Magdalena Parker
I arrived to my first breaking news story, red-faced and
out of breath, barely able to ask anyone what had happened. In a
matter of minutes, my Chief Photographer Josh
Miller and I
had run what seemed like a mile trying to catch up to the protesters
who were being surrounded by riot police. About 15-20 minutes earlier
we had just been there doing interviews with those same people. They
had told us that something “good” was going to happen.
It all started at the PUMA headquarters. Our news team
was sitting on the steps across the street from the Denver City Jail,
waiting for my colleague Kailani Koenig-Muenster to finish her live
radio interview. All of a sudden, the officers standing in the street
started gearing up and running toward their cars. This meant Josh and
I started running back to Civic Center Park (as I said, where we had
JUST been). I think our still photographer Alison Klein was right
behind us but I was just making sure Josh had the camera on. Kailani
was still on the phone and I had to yell to her to watch the rest of
the equipment.
Josh kept telling me not to
get in the way of the police and if he told me to move… I was to
MOVE. He’s a great photographer to work with. I think I must have shot
20 stand-ups later trying to get the perfect one, which of course
didn’t happen.
Just being in that crowd of
people was an amazing rush of adrenaline. There were police blocking
me from getting to the protesters and even more protesters were behind
me yelling things like “Pigs! Nazis! Free speech! Let them go!”