Magdalena Parker


Breaking news is a big deal. Everything seems to move in fast
forward. There’s never enough time. Nerves, trembling hands… it’s
all part of the deal.

My Chief Photographer Josh Miller and I had the bright idea
of breaking Senator Barack Obama’s OFFICIAL nomination on our website.
However it’s easier said than done. Several versions of what seemed
like the same story had to be written, even before anything

The Democratic Party had been going through the roll call,
with each state casting its votes for the presidential nominee. When
it came to New York’s turn, Senator Hillary Clinton decided to
withdraw her name and give her votes to Obama. The crowd went wild!
This meant Obama had won by acclamation.

Our general manager Marsha Della Giustina called us every
thirty seconds. It seemed like I couldn’t type fast enough to send my
stories to her for approval. Finally, we just stayed on the phone and
talked everything out. I’m so glad I worked with her and Josh. They
calmed me down and helped me write out the few sentences that were
crucial for our website.

As soon as we heard Senator Clinton’s acclamation, I pressed
publish to put the news on our site. It took 3 seconds! That’s it! We
HAD to have been one of the first to break the story. Mission