By Kailani Koenig-Muenster
Senator Joe Biden will speak at the Democratic National
Convention tonight in Denver. The Democrat from Delaware is Barack
Obama’s running mate. Late last night Biden walked around the stage
and podium after the majority of the delegates had left. He didn’t
practice his speech but he seemed to be making sure the microphone was
working. Biden has been a senator for over 3 decades. His own two
bids to be elected president have failed, most recently this year.
Biden is credited with being the author of the Violence Against Women
Act. He is the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and
recently returned from the Republic of Georgia. During the Clarence
Thomas hearings, Biden was the Minority Chair on the Judiciary
Committee. He has been described as being a friend of labor, criminal
justice activists, and civil libertarians. He now says he made a
mistake voting to give authorization to President Bush for the Iraq
War. Biden has accused the President of mismanaging the war.