hillaryhealth.jpgBy Kailani

This morning the
Democratic Party’s most prolific names gathered to proclaim their top
priority for the coming year. Hillary Clinton was the star of the
event called “Winning Health Care Reform in 2009.”  It was held
at the Denver Center for the Performing

“When January of
2009 comes, our time will come,” said Clinton. “And we will be ready
to do whatever it takes to achieve quality affordable healthcare for
every American.”

The event was sponsored by the SEIU and Family’s USA.
Speakers called for immediate widespread change once the next
president takes the oath of office. They praised the s-chip bill and
ridiculed President Bush for his veto. They are asking for a sweeping
affordable health care program that would be available to all

“I’m hoping that
many of the leaders you saw here today will be working between now and
January 20, 2009 to come up with a plan that will be the Democratic
plan, and that we will be prepared and ready to work with President
Obama and Vice President Biden to get that plan enacted,” said

Other speakers
were Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, former South Dakota Senator
Tom Daschle, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, and Pennsylvania
Governor Edward Rendell.

“I hope the Democrats in congress can reach a consensus,”
said Clinton. “Because it is easy to make speeches about health care
reform, and believe me, it is a lot harder to translate those words
into legislative language that will actually get the votes we need to
be successful.”

See part of Clinton’s