Magdalena Parker
james taylor sings.jpg
He was
dressed in a grey t-shirt and jeans. Famous musician James Taylor was
belting out “This land is your land,” next to David Crosby and Graham
Nash. I got goosebumps. I was standing in a small walkway next to the
balcony seats and I could clearly see his fingers moving quickly over
the guitar strings. His voice was empowering the crowd. They were
standing and singing along, hoping the song would never
I called my Dad after the show to brag
about hearing them perform. His response was just as I had expected.
“James Taylor! No! Really? James Taylor? Crosby and Nash?” I couldn’t
help but smile, wishing he could have seen them with me.
We later met up with Ron Bostwick, Co-President of the
Emerson College Alumni Association, Colorado Chapter. This man is
amazing. He arranged the press passes for us to go to the concert and
then gave us a little motivational pow-wow.
“Emerson is a great school! You can’t go wrong. So many
doors will open up for you just because of the people you meet,” he
It was a night to remember. Standing
just above the stage, listening to some of the greatest musicians
ever, I knew the goosebumps were a good sign.