Elyce Taylor
rumor mill has been silenced. Wednesday night former President Bill
Clinton told Democrats Senator Barack Obama is ready to be Commander
in Chief. This ends months of speculation about the level of support
he will give Obama. Some believed he would be hesitant to support
Obama after he had beaten out Clinton’s wife, Senator Hillary Clinton,
for the party nomination. During that heated race, former President
Clinton had aggresively questioned Obama’s experience and ability to
But now is different. Bill Clinton
has followed in his wife’s footsteps and has told millions Obama could
lead “a place called hope.” It was a play on Clinton’s own
presidential nomination speech when he stressed his birthplace of
Hope, Arkansas and his campaign theme of hope for America.
Specifically, Clinton said Obama can restore the American Dream with
his knowlege of foreign policy, charisma, and the strength of his
running mate, Senator Joe Biden. Bill Clinton made the crowd laugh
when he reminded them that he, like Obama, had been criticized for
being too young when he ran for
Former president Clinton
also compared Obama to GOP presidential candidate John McCain. He
cited specific issues and repeatedly said Obama was right and McCain
was wrong. He was very clear and definitive about his support for
Obama and urged the crowd to join him and his family in working to put
Obama in the White House. His words culminated in a proposition to
Americans that like himself in 1992, Obama is on the right side of
When Bill Clinton had first
come on stage, the crowd gave him a three minute standing ovation and
refused to listen to him when he repeatedly told them to sit down.
They were just as enthusiastic when he finished and his signature
campaign song “Start Thinking About Tomorrow” filled the Pepsi Center.
It seemed the Clintons have accomplished their mission to unify the
Democratic Party behind Barack Obama.