Magdalena Parker
History will be made tonight in Denver. Senator Barack
Obama will become the first African-American to run as a major
political party’s presidential candidate. He will officially accept
his party’s presidential nomination at Invesco Field. The Democratic
National Convention is moving to the home of the Denver Broncos, which
seats 75,000 people. More people are expected to gather outside,
hoping to hear parts of Obama’s speech.
Singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder will headline tonight’s
music. Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico is expected to speak, as
well as Former Vice President Al Gore. In addition, Democrats will pay
a tribute to Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., who 45 years ago today,
delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial in
Washington, D.C.   Some have wondered if the columns on the
Invesco Field set were designed to imitate those at the Lincoln
Senator Obama has said the move
to the huge stadium was to remain true to his promise at the start of
his campaign to include everyone. Therefore there will be 20,000 seats
on the field for the Democratic delegates while the stands will be
filled with Americans from across the country. There is an effort to
have many Colorado residents in the venue since it is a battleground
state that Obama wants to win.