Magdalena Parker
It is still a secret. But Senator John McCain has decided
who will be his vice-presidential running mate. Friday morning he will
officially reveal his choice in Dayton, Ohio, but the person will be
notified today.
According to China View
news, McCain campaign sources intentionally leaked the information to
detract attention from the ongoing Democratic National Convention in
Denver, Colorado.
Speculation reports say
there are three main contenders: former Massachusetts Governor Mitt
Romney, Minnesota Governor Pawlenty and possibly Connecticut Senator
Joseph Lieberman. Rumors have been circulating though that Lieberman
has asked McCain not to choose him. Political analyst and former Bush
operative Karl Rove is reported also to have asked McCain not to
choose Lieberman. Lieberman was Al Gore’s running mate in 2000 and is
now an independent but often votes in the Senatorial Democratic
caucus. He is pro-choice about abortion which is a negative for him in
the Republican party.
McCain and his chosen
running mate will tour three “battleground states” this weekend, with
rallies planned in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Missouri. He will also be
celebrating his 72nd birthday tomorrow.