Elyce Taylor
richardson large.jpg
Shouts, shrieks
and stomps were the sounds the crowd made when Bill Richardson spoke
at the 2008 Democratic National Convention’s final event. And they had
made the noise long before he introduced music legend Stevie Wonder.
The New Mexico Governor had the people rocking all on his own.
Richardson’s speech at Invesco Field was one of the final speeches of
the week.
Like the others, it highlighted
why Senator Obama was the right choice for President. Richardson
acknowleged the “clarity and foresight” Obama showed when he
publically opposed invading Iraq. He also commended Obama for having
the right idea about how the war should now be handled. Richardson’s
words may have been particularly encouraging to the audience because
of his extensive experience with foreign affairs. During the Clinton
administration he served as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.
Either way, it seemed that Senator Obama wasn’t the only politican at
the convention getting people “fired up.”