By Elyce Taylor

The Presidency has spoken. Tuesday night the Republican
National Convention was back to business as usual after cutting down
on its festivities and speakers because of Hurricane Gustav’s path
through Louisiana. 
First Lady Laura Bush was
in the Convention Hall to introduce President George W. Bush. 
But he wasn’t ithere.  Instead he was in the White House and
spoke to the GOP via satellite on a jumbo screen. His appearance was
met with a standing ovation and cheers that drowned out the first
words of his speech. First, the President acknowleged Hurricane Gustav
and said the recovery effort had been excellent.
rest of his speech concentrated on Senator John McCain. 
President Bush said McCain was capable of handling modern world
dangers and referred to him as “the man we need.”  His words
lasted no more than ten minutes. Some speculated Bush’s speech was
kept short because McCain wants to distance himself from the unpopular
President. While his short speech from afar was considered a smart
move by some, others expressed disappointment. Michigan Republican
Party Chairman Saul Anuzis said he wanted to thank him in person for
two great terms in office. Bush is the first President to skip his
party’s national convention since Lyndon B. Johnson.