By David Carty

Thursday morning, police arrested 102 protesters and booked 15 in
downtown Minneapolis according to the Joint Information Center. Of the
arrests, 100 were for misdemeanors and 2 were gross misdemeanors.

The crowd originated at the Target Center before taking to the
streets chanting “Whose streets? Our streets” in protest of the
Republican National Convention. The protests followed a concert by
rock group Rage Against the Machine, who are known for their
politically themed lyrics and opinions.

In all, since Saturday 422 people have been arrested in raids and
protests. Earlier in the week police used cannisters of an
unidentified chemical to disperse the crowd. 

More protests are planned for today. The Anti-War Committee is
planning one march which will rally at the State Capitol before
heading to the Xcel Energy Center. The organization, which will turn
10 years old in December, is protesting the Iraq war and aims to
“stand in solidarity with those communities, here and abroad, who are
unjustly and cruelly affected by U.S. foreign policies,” according to
the organization’s mission statement.

It is one of many groups organizing protests at the RNC. Here is a
short list of other RNC protest organizations.

– Several organizations have popped up with the specific purpose of
protesting the 2008 RNC, including the Coalition to March on the RNC
which has organized bus transportation to Minnesota from as far away
as Alabama and North Carolina.

– Codepink, originated as s a women’s peace advocacy group, 
derived its name from the color-coded security alerts. Wednesday 4
members of the group were arrested for crawling under a fence a few
blocks from the RNC.

– The sarcastically-named RNC Welcoming Committee has given
suggests protesters a list of ways to crash the convention. The
Committee’s members also have been directing parents who want to
protest where to find childcare during the RNC. The group also has
given protesters maps of transportation blockades to help them get as
close to the Convention Hall as possible.
will be heavy again tonight in the Convention Hall where Arizona
Senator John McCain will give his acceptance speech for the GOP
presidential nomination.