By Madeira Ginley

wasn’t meant to be. Last January former Arkansas Governor Mike
Huckabee had won the Iowa GOP caucus. So he had hoped to be accepting
the party’s presidential nomination on Wednesday night. But instead
Huckabee was on stage promoting Senator John McCain who he said was
his second choice behind himself. Huckabee may have come up short for
a seat on the ticket but during his speech he lauded McCain and Vice
Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
regards to Governor Palin, Huckabee noted that she got more votes
running for the position of Wasilla, Alaska than Joe Biden did running
for President of the United States. This may be true since Biden
dropped out immediately following the Iowa caucuses on January 3rd.
Huckabee praised American men and women who fought for their
rights and for their country to provide citizens with safety and
security. He said that “being American is not just about freedom. It
is about those who gave it to us.” And he said that John McCain did
just that.
McCain’s rival, Barack Obama was not left out of the speech. Huckabee
congratulated Demcratic nominee Barack Obama on his historic
nomination. He then went on to criticize Obama’s midsummer trip to
Europe. Huckabee accused the Illinois senator was bringing back
European policies. He maintains that they include more government
which he believes many Americans do not want. Huckabee also talked
about gas prices, pay cuts, home foreclosures, the American dream and
Americans’ desire for change. He believes that John McCain would
deliver that change.

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