By Elyce Taylor

Mitt Romney
Romney knows the remedy. Wednesday night the former Massachusetts
Governor spoke passionately to his party in St. Paul, Minnesota about
his belief in John McCain. Romney called the Arizona Senator “a
prescription for every American who wants change.” Specifically,
Romney called for an end to regulation, big-government spending, and
high taxes.
Aside from endorsing McCain, Romney also
threw his support behind his running mate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.
Romney has told USA Today he predicted Palin would do well debating
Democratic rival Joe Biden even though she has less Washington
experience. He remarked that while Biden “could talk a dog off a meat
wagon,” Sarah Palin “speaks from the heart.”
is speculation that Romney may be planning another run for the White
House.  He recently, however, denied that he wants a cabinet
position if McCain becomes president.  He had said that he had
watched his father George Romney have a tough time when he was a
cabinet secretary.  Romney said that the White House was always
telling his dad what to do and he could not break through his
department’s bureaucracy.