By Magdalena
— 09/05/2008

Republican presidential
nominee John McCain is going to fight the status quo.  When the
Arizona Senator gave his acceptance speech in
St. Paul,
Minnesota, he promised to
“shake up Washington”
and “fight for the ideals and character of a free people.”

He added “Let me offer an advance warning to the old, big spending,
do nothing, me first, country second
Washington crowd: change
is coming.”

Supporters erupted into wild applause, waving
Maverick McCain banners and American flags.

also sent a message to Democratic presidential nominee,
Barack Obama. He said, “We’ll go at it. We’ll go at it over the next
two months, you know that’s the nature of this business. And there are
big differences between us. But you have my respect and

He continued to say that despite their
differences, “much more unites us than divides us,” and called on all
Americans to work together to “make this country greater.”

After speaking about his family and his vice-presidential running
mate, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, McCain again promised to bring
about changes in
Washington. He said,
“When we tell you we’re going to change
Washington and stop
leaving our country’s problems for some unluckier generation to fix,
you can count on it.”

CNN reports that Obama’s campaign
spokesman Bill Burton responded to McCain’s speech. “He admonished the
‘old, do-nothing crowd’ in
Washington but ignored
the fact that he’s been part of that crowd for 26 years, opposing
solutions on health care, energy and education,” said

Republican National Convention is over and McCain is campaigning in
Wisconsin on
Friday with Palin. Obama is in
Pennsylvania with
running mate, Joe Bide, but at separate events. Both presidential
nominees are in battleground territories, starting out their final
two-month long intense run for the White House.

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