By Elyce

September 19,

It looks like
Americans just may have their questions answered. Republican vice
presidential candidate Sarah Palin has agreed to do an interview with
ABC’s Charles Gibson. It will be her first television interview since
John McCain chose her to join the GOP presidential ticket. McCain
adviser Mark Salter says Palin and Gibson will sit down for multiple
interviews in
Alaska over the course of two

For over a week Democrats
and the press have been asking why Palin has had no contact with the
news media. Scoring the interview is huge for Gibson. He also had the
only sit-down with McCain during the recent Republican National
Convention. During that interview he asked McCain no questions about
Palin’s family. It was a decision Gibson said that he had struggled
to make. Many of the stories being reported during the RNC concerned
Palin’s personal life, specifically her 17-year old daughter’s
pregnancy. ABC News spokesperson Jeffrey Schneider said he did not
think Gibson’s decision not to ask McCain questions on that topic had
anything to do with him getting the exclusive interview with Palin.
Either way the attention has turned to how Gibson will behave toward
Palin and how Palin will do answering unscripted questions. Palin’s
rival, Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Senator Joe Biden had
challenged her to do interviews on NBC’s “Meet The Press.” Biden said
“eventually she’s going to have to answer questions and not be
sequestered. Eventually she’s going to have to answer questions about
her record.”

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