The McCains crack jokes at the rally
in N.H.

By: Maria Brophy–10/22/08
Republican presidential candidate John McCain is on a mission.
There are only 12 days until the national election and the
self-described Maverick is hoping to rally New Hampshire’s swing
voters.  Early this morning Cindy and John McCain addressed a
crowd gathered at St. Anselm’s College.

Senator McCain
focused on the troubled economy, maintaining that his plan is better
than that of his opponent, Democratic candidate Senator Barack Obama.
“In these tough economic times we don’t need government spreading the
wealth. We need policies that create wealth and spread opportunity,”
McCain said.

McCain also challenged
Senator Obama’s tax cutting plan. “My opponent says he is going to cut
income taxes for 95 percent of Americans…..Then he commits to more
than a trillion dollars in new federal spending.”

In 2000
and this year McCain won the New Hampshire GOP.  However, a
NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows Barack Obama has a
ten-point lead over McCain.   Speaking to a crowd of
over 1,000 people today, McCain stayed positive saying, “I can’t think
of any place I’d rather be as Election Day comes close than running an
underdog campaign in the state of New Hampshire.”