By Cassidy Quinn Brettler

Well, apparently I won’t get
to meet Aretha…at least not yet. Today I
went to the Kennedy Center, in hopes of getting press access or at
least tickets to the “Let Freedom Ring” concert being held there
tonight. The concert stars Aretha Franklin, Nuttin’ but Stringz, and
the Let Freedom Ring Choir. It starts at 6. We found out that free
tickets were going to be given away starting at 4 o’ clock this
afternoon, so we showed up at 2:30 which was as soon as we could after
our busy morning covering events around the city.
for us, we weren’t the only ones who wanted to see Ms. Franklin in all
her fabulousness. When we asked where to go to wait in line for
tickets, we were told “you go that way, then up the stairs… that is,
if there are any tickets left.” After staring at the incredibly large
mass of Aretha fans, we realized we wouldn’t have a shot. In fact, we
were told that people had actually camped out overnight to be the first
ones in line. Orange coupons were given out starting at 6am, and they
were to be exchanged for real tickets at 4pm. Basically, to sum it all
up, any chance at getting in to the concert was long
So we moved on to plan B which was
trying to get press credentials. An
important-looking man at the coat check area led us to another man, who
led us to person after person until we were finally approached by the
Kennedy Center’s Public Relations woman. She told us that the press
risers were full and there was no space left. So, our quest for the
golden ticket had ended. But we decided to make the best out of the
situation and interviewed people in the crowd to find out a few things:
1.) Where they were from, 2.) Why they were here 3.) Why they were
excited about Barack Obama and 4.) What they believe is the biggest
priority in fixing the current economic crisis. We interviewed four
people. They were all were very excited to be seeing Aretha and seemed
very hopeful for America’s future with soon-to-be-inaugurated President

In summary, I am extremely jealous of the
people who camped out
overnight and are now waiting to see Aretha Franklin in concert. But,
then unlike some of them, last night I got to sleep inside, out of the
freezing cold D.C. temperatures. So I guess it turned out all