IMG_0221.JPGBy John Oliveira – 1/19/09

President-elect may be the most sought after person in Washington D.C.
but Monday night he had to share the spotlight with the likes of Miley
Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers.

These young entertainers and others, including rapper Bow Wow and
cast members from the “High School Musical” franchise were all tapped
to appear and perform at the “Kid’ ‘Inaugural: We are the Future”
concert. Young fans were seen mobbing and crowding Obama Inaugural
volunteers at the Verizon Center begging for a much-coveted ticket
into the sold-out event. Some even shed tears when they realized their
chance at seeing Joe Jonas croon had became a no-go.

The ball was geared towards military families. An e-mail 
about the event was sent from the Obama Inauguration Committee to
military families who had a parent deployed for at least a
year. These families were invited to participate in a lottery and the
winners won tickets to the concert.

The young fans and some overly aggressive parents may not have
posed a serious threat to the public, but that did not mean security
was not a priority.  President-elect Barack Obama was not in
attendance.  However his wife Michelle and Vice-President Elect
Joe Biden’s wife Jill co-hosted the event. All attendees had
to pass through security and metal detectors. Members of the press
even had their equipment scanned by Secret Service trained bomb
sniffing dogs.
Valeria Villarroel Espinoza.