By John Oliveira – 1/19/09

This morning supporters
who were lucky enough to win tickets to
the historic inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama were finally
able to pick up their tickets. After Obama’s win in the general
election last November, thousands upon thousands of supporters
contacted their senators and congressional members to get tickets to be
a part of the Inauguration crowd. They were entered into a lottery and
notified as recently as last week that they had won.

had the opportunity to accompany my friend, who was one of the
fortunate ones to win a ticket, to the Hart Senate Office Building near
the United States Capitol building. Tickets were distributed at various
locations where lines stretched to over an hour long. The Hart Building
houses the offices of many Senators including Frank Lautenberg (D-New
Jersey) and Diane Feinstein (D-California). Each ticket package may
have been different, but the one that I saw included two tickets to the
event, an Inaugural program, and a map to help you find your designated
area. The majority of tickets were general admission standing-room.
Those seated closer to the swearing in ceremony were able to secure
actual seats.
Gates to the ceremony open at 8 AM and those with and without tickets
are expected to line up throughout the night, if not all night. And
since I have one of those tickets, I will have the once in a lifetime
chance to be a part of history.