By Valeria Villarroel Espinoza


This morning Sergeant Mac heard
about the Operation Gratitude
service event on the news.  She quickly called her friend, got
directions, and made her way over to the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial
Stadium.  She then got in line with the other 15,000 or so volunteers
and made a care package for a fellow soldier. It was a care package
like the one she had received when she was stationed in Baghdad.  Amy
McLaughlin tried to hold back her tears as best as she could when she
told me about how important these care packages are for her and her
fellow soldiers. She told me that it shows that Americans still support
the troops no matter what their opinion is about the war.


though many important and influential politicians were present, my
interview with Sergeant Mac was the most interesting and powerful. 
Until I had spoken with her, I didn’t realize what a great gift care
packages are for troops stationed overseas.  The great thing is that
they’re so simple to make and the effect that they have is monumental.

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