By Jeff Young —

It is often said that the true fans of
sports teams are the ones crowded into the bleachers. They have the
cheapest seats and worst view, but make the most noise.
If this
level of fan-hood could be transferred to politics, then I definitely
met those fans today.

There was estimated to be well over
one million supporters watching President Barack Obama’s Inauguration
from the National Mall. But then there were thousands more stranded
outside the security gates.

These were Obama’s bleacher

Many had tickets that were supposed to gain
them access to the celebration, but they were unable to make it
through any of the four metal detectors set up at various

I talked to many disgruntled supporters who
came from all over the country specifically to see the President they
elected sworn into office.

But as it turns out they had to
remain in the cheap seats with no view and an overwhelming feeling of

I respect these Obama-fanatics more than
any celebrity or politician who publicly backed our President. They
took time off from work, fought the crowds and paid outrageous prices
for hotel rooms to catch a glance of Obama.

But even if
they missed what they came to see, these fans will continue to back
their team – – the Obama team.

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