By Abbey Niezgoda

As many gathered in
celebration of the Inauguration, some protestors stood with a specific
purpose. Anti-abortion activists lined the corners of 12th and E
street, holding signs that read “Abortion is an ObamaNation.” The
message, combined with disturbing images on their posters, made many
people stop and take notice.

The contrast was striking. The dozens of Obama
supporters energized by his promises stood right next to the
protestors who disagreed with them. As a new leader takes office, the
activists have a new agenda. The organization’s mission is to expose
Obama’s pro-choice policies and prevent them from going any further.
One of the most important jobs of any president is his decisions about
the U.S. Supreme Court.
One woman from
Tennessee said she will protest all she can to keep Obama from
nominating a pro-choice justice. The ObamaNation group is her way of
getting out her message, and she did not want to waste any time. It is
why she is here on the day of Obama’s Inauguration. She pounded the
pavement as one of the few proteststors braving the crowd of
supporters on this cold Tuesday morning.