800px-George_W._Bush_departs_US_Capitol_1-20-09_hires_090120-N-0696M-103a.jpgBy Tucker Goncalo

W. Bush made a gracious and for lack of a better word, hasty exit after
the inauguration of President Barack Obama. For what was surely a
monumental occasion for millions of Americans, George W. Bush seemed
eager to leave his eight-year stay at the White House.

following the ceremony the two former Presidents Bush, President Obama,
Vice President Biden and former Vice-President Dick Cheney and their
families all entered a motorcade at the Capitol. George W. Bush eagerly
headed for a waiting helicopter which he would take to Andrews Air
Force base for his parting flight home to Texas.

Mr. Bush
and his wife returned to Waco, Texas where he told a reporter, “I am
proud of the accomplishments of this administration…And so when I get
back home and look in the mirror, I will be proud of what I see.”
a stay at their ranch in Crawford, Texas the former president and his
wife Laura will be moving to Dallas. His Presidential Library will be
at Southern Methodist University from which his wife
Photo Courtesy United States