Rick_Warren.jpgBy Tucker Goncalo – 1/20/09

Barack Obama chose Reverend Rick Warren from the California Saddleback
Church to give the invocation speech at his inauguration, the country
stirred. That is because in the past Warren had made many comments
regarding same-sex marriage, equating the union to a sister and brother
marrying. This did not sit well within the LGBT community.

of Barack Obama and LGBT Americans alike could not understand the
President-Elect’s seemingly blatantly insulting choice. But at the
Inauguration, Reverend Warren extended an olive branch and gave a more
neutral and inspiring invocation.
Obama is the first President to acknowledge openly support the gay
community. Although Warren never mentioned the LGBT community, his
views seemed to have come full circle. Warren referred to God and said,
“You are loving to everyone you have made.” He also referenced Dr.
Martin Luther King, Jr. saying, “We know today that Dr. King and a
great cloud of witnesses are shouting in heaven.”

Lastly if Reverend
Warren had felt he had not stressed his neutral position enough, Warren
added, “Help us, Oh God, to remember that we are Americans, not united
by race, or religion, or blood, but to our commitment to freedom, and
justice for all.”

Reverend Rick Warren joined with the
country in the celebration of the inauguration of President Obama and
made many Americans question their sometimes quick-to-judge ways.