By Abbey Niezgoda– 1/20/09

For many, Hurricane Katrina is on a list of mistakes made by the
Bush administration. Criticism over the delayed rescue response and
failed government action continues even today. For Martha Robins, the
issue hits closer to home. 

She is a resident of the
lower ninth ward in New Orleans. It’s an area that is frozen in time.
Driving through her neighborhood, it looks like the hurricane had hit
yesterday. Traveling to the inauguration with her daughter was not an
easy task, but it was a trip she had to make. 

living my parents’ dream. I know they would have wanted to be here
today. I had to do this for them and for everyone else we lost in
Katrina,” Robins said. 

Her parents passed away during
the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The African-American family was
torn apart by an event from which she claims the government failed to
rescue them. Robins, who is a single parent, was fortunate enough to
get out safely. She and her daughter have since returned to New

Robins is mixed with tragic memories of the
hurricane and hopeful dreams for a future led by President Barack

“We needed assistance then and we still need
it now. I drove 18 hours because I had to see him to believe him. Now
all I can do is hope,” Robins said.