Timothy_F_Geithner.jpgBy Cassidy Quinn Brettler

President Barack Obama’s cabinet has a new
addition. Timothy F.
Geithner was confirmed as Treasury Secretary today, after a long road
to the vote.

Today, the Senate voted 60 to 34 in Geithner’s
favor, endorsing him as the best man for the job. However, this is a
fairly close vote for a cabinet confirmation. Four Democrats voted
against his confirmation, and ten Republicans voted in favor.

The voting process began the day after the Inauguration,
in the
Dirksen Senate Office Building in D.C. The Senate Finance Committee
held Geithner on trial, where he was grilled about his failure to pay
nearly $43,000 in taxes, which he has now paid back. At the trial,
senators from both parties predicted that Geithner would be

And confirmed he was. Thanks to
today’s vote, the new presidential
administration can finally begin its financial rescue plan. On Tuesday,
Geithner is expected to announce new rules intended to curb the
influence of lobbyists and special interests in determining who
receives aid from the government, as his first move as Treasury
Image Courtesy United States Treasury