By Valeria
Villarroel Espinoza 02/12/2009

Obama has received another blow to his cabinet selection. Republican
Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, whom President Obama had picked
as his Commerce Secretary, has withdrawn from the nomination. In a
statement released Thursday, Senator Gregg cited “irresolvable
conflicts,” with the President on the stimulus package and the
upcoming 2010 Census.


Senator Gregg would have been
the third Republican to join the Obama Administration. The other two
Republicans are Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Transportation
Secretary Ray LaHood. During a visit to Illinois, Mr. Obama said he
was surprised by Gregg’s withdrawal.
Senator Gregg is a fiscal conservative and had problems
with the $787 billion price tag on the stimulus package being pushed
through Congress. Tuesday Gregg did not vote in the Senate on the
economic stimulus package.
In order to sell the
stimulus package to the public, President Obama has had a series of
campaign-style town hall meetings throughout the country in places hit
the hardest by the economic downturn.

President Obama’s
original Commerce Secretary pick was New Mexico Governor Bill
Richardson. He withdrew in January amid questions surrounding a
federal grand jury investigation. In another nomination withdrawal
recently former Senator Tom Daschle took himself out of the running
for Secretary of Human and Health Services. He is under scrutiny for
tax issues.

Image Courtesy Executive Office of the President of the
United States.

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