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September 29, 2009
A historic alliance is shaking up the Mayoral race in Boston.
City Councilor Michael Flaherty is teaming up with former rival City
Councilor Sam Yoon to take on Mayor Thomas Menino in the November 3
general election. Yoon will be running as Flaherty’s Deputy Mayor.
Flaherty has said he will appoint Yoon to the position if he wins the
election. Boston has not had a Deputy Mayor in the past 25 years
since Mayor Kevin H. White left office.
Tuesday morning Flaherty introduced Yoon at a press conference in
front of supporters at City Hall Plaza. “Today I am inviting my
friend and colleague Sam Yoon to help take Boston to the next level,”
said Faherty.
Yoon talked about what he thinks a Flaherty-Yoon team could do for
Boston. “We can do more for this city than a fifth Menino
administration could ever dream about,” said Yoon. “I’m proud to be a
part of this historic ticket.”
Flaherty said the two city councilors had discussions over the course
of the weekend that ultimately lead to the formation of this new
political team. “It’s two against one now,” said Yoon.
Flaherty stressed the need for change in leadership in City Hall.
“The city is stuck in neutral,” said Flaherty. “The status quo is not
Flaherty also pledged he would only serve two terms if he is elected.
And he had a message to Menino who has called the joint ticket a
gimmick. “The Mayor is the last person who should be giving any legal
advice,” said Flaherty.
Whether it’s a gimmick or not, it certainly changes the race.
Flaherty and Yoon both are prepared for a fight to the finish.
“There’s a real race for the Mayor of Boston,” said Flaherty. “And it
begins today.”
Photo credit: Scott Jackson, WEBN News.

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