RonPaul.jpgBy Kate Spalla — 10/11/2011

All eyes are on the economy. Tuesday night’s GOP debate in Hanover, New Hampshire focused on the Republican presidential candidates’ plans to fix the country’s finances.
Herman Cain emerged with a 9-9-9 flat-tax plan. He wants to stabilize taxes at nine percent for individuals, business and national sales. Michele Bachmann criticized the plan, saying “the devil’s in the details.”
Rick Santorum called the 9-9-9 plan na├»ve, citing Cain’s “lack of experience.”
Texas Governor Rick Perry criticized Mitt Romney’s healthcare plan that was passed during his time as Governor of Massachusetts. Perry likened the plan to President Obama’s healthcare plan. Romney defended Massachusetts’ healthcare and spoke against President Obama’s work on the economy.
“Raising taxes is one of the big problems, something we didn’t do in Massachusetts,” Romney said.
Newt Gingrich also criticized Democrats, including Congressman Barney Frank and former Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, saying that politicians like them are to blame for the financial crisis and Wall Street protests.
Ron Paul was less vocal than other candidates, but he called for a regular audit of the Federal Reserve’s finances.
Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman boasted the state’s low unemployment rate under his governorship.
There are eight Republican candidates vying for President Obama’s seat in the White House. The next GOP debate is less than a week away on October 18 in Las Vegas.