OccupyBoston101511.jpgBy Marc Liverman — 10/17/2011

Occupy Boston demonstrators are not going away.  Saturday they marched through downtown Boston starting at Park Street.  The march began as a rally organized by Veterans for Peace.  Hundreds of protestors made stops at the Armed Services Center, the Hyatt hotel, Verizon and a Bank of America building.
Jay Fraser is a union electrician.  He said he joined the demonstration because he thinks the working middle class is being dismantled.  “I came down for the Labor Movement on Thursday…I think it’s growing. I think it’s growing leaps and bounds. I think every little bit, it’s getting bigger and bigger. I think this is going to explode.”
Alpin Ametha is a protester who works for a corporation that she would not disclose. When asked if she were willing to demonstrate during a weekday, she says she would call in sick, rather than tell her boss the truth. She said, “I’m just going to call in sick that morning or something like that. People in this country have been fighting for unions which for most of us doesn’t exist, which is why we need more unions in our workplaces so that we have the right to be able to take time off to do activism.”
Last Tuesday morning, over 140 Occupy Boston protesters were arrested at Dewey Square. Chris Ford was one of them. He said, “somebody came up behind me and just zipped me right away and I was taken in the paddy-wagon…They filled it up with about nine other people and they took us to Roxbury.”
This Monday and Tuesday will feature concerts at Dewey Square where demonstrators have set up camp since October 30, 2011.
Videos from the 10/15/2011 Occupy Boston march: